Vendor Set Up Guide

Upon successful vendor registration you will be directed to your Selling Dashboard where you will be prompted to finish setting up your account. Please read through the below guide to learn how your Dashboard works and how to navigate around it.

We assign a UK-based Personal Account Manager to each and every one of our sellers to help you get the very best out of our Marketplace. If you need any assistance or have questions regarding setting up or operating your account please get in touch with us via

Complete Your Profile

Click Settings, upload your store banner (please use the recommended dimensions to avoid cropping and to ensure your banner displays correctly on the Brands page). Upload your profile photo, add biography. Please ensure the support button is enabled to allow customers to contact you. Click update setting to save. If you haven’t yet connected your Stripe account click on Payment and follow the instructions to automatically make the connection.

Shipping Settings

We have standard default shipping templates already active on the site for all vendors that will automatically apply for each product you list, we recommend you use these shipping options to help maximise your sales, they are:

UK Free Delivery £0.00 (Delivery Estimate 4-5 days – ie. Royal Mail 2nd Class / similar)
UK Standard Delivery £3.99 (Delivery Estimate 2-4 days – ie. Royal Mail 1st Class / similar)
UK Mainland Courier £7.99 (Delivery Estimate 1-2 working days – ie. Fedex /UPS / similar)

When using our templates we recommend ensuring your chosen product pricing takes into consideration your own shipping costs so you can take advantage of offering our free shipping option for customers.

We do also offer Sellers the option to set their own shipping rates which will override our default templates for your specific store; these can be created and added under the Shipping tab.

Social Profile / Store SEO

Include your social links here and add your own SEO in the various fields to help your store rank and perform better on our platform. This is optional but recommended.

How to List Products for Sale

Under the main Dashboard, navigate to the Products tab in your vendor account and click on add new product. Add at least one product photo (please use dimensions of 1000 x 1000 pixels and ensure the main image only shows the product and has a white/clear background). You may use additional product images in your listings but please always ensure the first/main image meets these specifics.

Orders Tab

This is where all your customer orders will be displayed. Please ensure you go into each order to mark it as Completed once you have dispatched the order. Your customers will then receive a dispatch notification from our platform. You can also add optional notes such as tracking details if you wish to keep your customers updated on the status of their delivery. If you use a fulfilment house and require an order file, you can export your orders


This tab allows you to create your own sales and coupon codes on our platform, you can also choose to make them publicly visible so the codes will display in your store for customers to see and use.


This tab gives you full insights into your sales metrics and performance on our marketplace.


Like most marketplaces, our platform allows customers to leave reviews of your products, this area lets you view and manage all reviews received by customers.


You will find all announcements we make to our vendors here, such as updates, latest news, and vendor special offers.


This area allows you to bulk import products onto our marketplace.


Under this tab you will find all support tickets opened by your customers.


Accepting Payments on the Fake Tan Marketplace

In order to sell on our platform you will need to either link your existing PayPal account or require a Stripe business account. Stripe is free to set up via (you will also be directed to Stripe during your Vendor registration to set up your account), this only takes 5-10 minutes to input your business information and activate your account.

Once complete, head to the Settings / Payment tab in your Fake Tan Marketplace Seller Dashboard and follow the instructions to connect your Stripe account to your store on our platform. This allows you to get paid instantly and directly for all your customer orders made through our marketplace. Our selling fee and Stripe payment processing fees are automatically deducted as each customer order is placed and the balance of funds are instantly credited to your Stripe account. You can set up your withdrawal preferences within your Stripe account or use their standard weekly disbursements settings. If you prefer to receive funds to your PayPal account you can add your PayPal email under this same Payment tab and request withdrawals every 7 days. Similar to Stripe, our selling fee and PayPal payment processing fee is automatically deducted as each customer order is placed.

Communicating with Customers

Our platform allows customers to contact sellers directly regarding product questions, order enquiries, etc. so please ensure you reply to your customers in a timely fashion.

Refunds and Returns

Our standard marketplace return policy is no returns for any opened or used cosmetics. A customer can however request to return an unopened or unused product as per standard UK consumer returns guidelines and we encourage you to work with your customer in all scenarios to best meet their expectations and provide a 5-star shopping experience on our platform. We will only normally get involved if Seller/Buyer cannot amicably work out a solution.


Our Selling Fees


We do not charge any monthly subscriptions or listing fees to sell on the Fake Tan Marketplace. The only fee we charge is a flat rate commission of 12% + vat of the price paid when you receive a sale.

You will also pay a small payment processing fee to Stripe (typically 1.4% +20p) which is one of the lowest payment processing fees in the market (PayPal charge 2.9% +30p in comparison).


We pride ourselves on being an affordable performance-based marketplace that allows you to get new customers and much-improved visibility for your brand in the sunless tanning industry.